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Best Gout Treatment

Are you male of female?

Gout is caused by excessive uric acid crystallizing around the joints, which makes them swell and throb. Uric acid derives from the decomposition of a substance called purine from food in the blood. Everyone has uric acid in the blood stream, and higher amounts do not always cause gout. These home remedies for gout will help alleviate symptoms or prevent them.

Reduce consumption of foods with high purine content. These foods include yeast, alcohol, beets, high-fat dairy products, fish roes, sardines in oil, and spinach. Olive oil, nuts, and tofu, and whole grain foods seem to help the body excrete uric acid better.

Drinking water is important for many body functions, but it also eases gout pain by helping the body excrete the uric acid. Alternatives to water include herbal teas and clear broths.

To relieve swelling, apply an ice pack to the joint for ten to fifteen minutes on the joint. Make an ice pack by wrapping ice in a towel or use a pack of frozen vegetables. Also, try to curtail stress to ease gout symptoms. If none of the home remedies ease the pain, see your doctor.

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