The Best Way to Moisturize Skin

What you need to know on the best way to moisturize skin

A very big percentage of the world’s population is affected by a dry skin problem and that is why it is very important to keep the healthy by motorizing it. It is not only one way of the way to have a great skin but also ensure that the skin retains its natural oil in the process. it is very important to keep the skin healthy as it is the largest part of the human body. Moisturizing the skin is basically making sure that your skin retains water to prevent it from dryness and this can be done in either natural or manmade ways. Depending on how you would want to approach these process will totally depend on the individual, but it is advisable to be very careful when using some of the many products when you want the best way to moisturize your skin as other methods can push the limits and end up doing more harm than good. Below are some of the best wat to moisturize your skin and get almost that perfect result.

  1. Skin Moisturizers

There are very many skin moisturizers available in the market that will either work in your favor or not. And it is paramount for any individual to figure out which is the best when choosing the product that will work well with your skin. That is why it is advisable to follow these steps when choosing a moisturizer for your skin

+ What is your skin type?

The first and very important step when you want the best way to moisturize skin is by determining your skin type. This is the only way you will find out which moisturizer will work well with you. A very easy trick on how to be figured out your skin type is by first washing and drying your face and wait for one hour. After that, you will realize how dry or oily your skin is by using a tissue by patting your forehead and nose, if you find oil on it then you have oily skin. At the same time, you will realize that if you have dry skin your cheek will feel tight and if you have sensitive skin it will be itchy or sometimes turn red.

+ Get the right moisturizer

After you have identified whether your skin is dry or moisturized the next step is to determine which is the appropriate moisturizer for the skin. By now you will have realized as to which category your skin fall in is it a dry skin or oily skin, it is important also to find out if the skin is sensitive or a mature skin. Depending on what your skin type is then you will decide the moisturizer to use.

Dry skin will generally use a moisturizer that is petroleum or oil based so it is important to check instruction when buying so as to ensure that the moisturizer is oil based.

When it comes to the oily skin, it is advisable that you go for a moisturizer that ware water based and should be a product that does not clog your skin pores at this will also not be healthy because the skin has to breathe naturally.

Normal skin, that is a skin that is neither too dry nor oily, you will be best fit to use moisturizers that are water based but one which has a little bit of oil in it at the same time factoring in that it should have led than what the dry skin will need.

As for the sensitive skin, they will require moisturizers that have medicinal or soothing properties, this is the ones that have aloe or chamomile in it ensure to stay very far away from moisturizers that have preservatives or acids in it. mature skin should use products that are petroleum based and very rich in oil. You will not miss finding moisturizers in the shelves that are designed for mature skin that will go a long way in avoiding wrinkles.

Apart from the moisturizer that you get from the stores, there is another natural best way to moisturize skin and will end up keeping your skin more radiant and hydrated, these are

o Oil – it has been proven by some experts that some natural oil is very good alternative moisturizers. These are the like of argan oil, coconut oil, and olive oil.

o Avocado – this can be done by covering by mashing the avocado and applying directly to your face. A face with the natural avocado as a facial mask that is made of avocado is also a very good way to nourish the skin. Avocado is known to contain very healthy fats and nutrients that are essential in hydrating the skin, it is very high in oleic acid that is very ideal because it increases the skin permeability.

o Butter – this is the shea butter that is made from African shea tree. It is said to contain vitamins A and E and fatty acids that are very good when moisturizing your skin.

o Honey – it is filled with antioxidants and at the same time contain antibacterial properties that are very essential when you want to unclog the pores. It is advisable to apply the honey directly to the skin just like the mask with the addition of some milk and lemon if you so wish.

o Milk – there is no ingredient that comes as natural as milk. It has some anti-inflammatory properties that can be used to replenish some of the oil that has already been lost in the skin. This can be done by dipping a washcloth in some milk and applying it to your skin.

o Aloe Vera – this is a natural plant that is known to have anti-inflammatory properties which are a very good solution to dry skin. This can be used just from taking it directly from an Aloe Vera plant or some of the Aloe Vera gel that is available from the stores.


+ Check with your dermatologist

The best way to find out which is the best moisturizer for your skin is to make an appointment with your dermatologist. They are in the best situation to help with what your skin type is and the best type of moisturizers to use. The visitation to the dermatologist is very crucial especially if you have a very chronic skin.

Skin Moisturizers

  1. Treating Dry Skin

Treating is another best way to moisturize skin, this is especially if it is a dry skin. Below are some of the steps that you should follow when you want to treat your skin

+ Do you have a dry skin?

Determining whether or not you have a dry skin is very key. This can be done by checking out if our skin is tight, cracked or sometimes feels itchy after a shower. As for individuals who have light skin the best way to find out if you have dry skin is that it will turn redder than usual and people with darker skin it will be ashy. When you realize that your skin has the above-mentioned symptoms after taking a shower then measures should be taken to moisturize the skin

+ Taking a bath

When taking your normal shower, you should make sure that you do not dry the skin. This can be done by closing the bathroom door and keep the humidity in the room. when showering it is advisable to avoid taking too much time in the shower and keeping the temperature lower than usual. Never dry your skin by the natural way but use a towel as air drying will leave your skin drier than normal, after taking the shower and drying yourself with the towel then apply the moisturizer.

+ Use of lip balm

As part of the daily routine, you should always use a lip balm if necessary as they are also very good when treating your skin. It is also very important to avoid licking your lips. What you might not have noticed with lip balm is that most of them contain sun protective ingredients that are very good as they protect your skin from vulnerability.

+ Heat source

When you stay for a longer period near a heat source then this is a very fast way to a drier skin. It is advisable not to stay too much close, especially in a campfire as the dry heat source will worsen your skin and become drier. As for when you are indoor you should ensure that you use a humidifier or any other house appliances that will always keep the moisture in the air.


The best way to moisturize skin is not something that can be done once but should be a daily process and will require a lot of discipline and commitment. As some of the above-mentioned routines is very simple but need to be adhered to. Regardless of whether you have the best product that money can buy in the market when you want to keep your skin healthy and moisturize, your attitude is what will ensure that you achieve that.

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