The Secret to Taking Care of Acne Prone Skin

Acne is a skin problem that happens to and has left nearly everyone who suffers from the same with the big question. How do I take care of acne prone skin? This is a question that does not have just a straight answer because if it has then we would have fewer peoples suffering from this disorder. Depending on when experiencing Acne, whether it was on your early teen or late in your adults. The true fact is that breakout not only happens to teenagers but also to most adults. Having said that to answer this big question, yes there are ways on how to take care of Acne skin prone, and the only way to win this war is by following some of these tips.


Of course, the first step that you will be advised by an expert in skin care is to deeply cleanse your oily skin. It is a very good strategy if you know what you are doing. One should be aware that regardless of the fact that cleansing is a very good step it should not be done using harsh cleanser as they can very easily get rid of the protective barriers on our skin leaving them very vulnerable to some common bacteria. Just the normal soap has higher PH when you compare them your skin and that is why the soap can make the skin so dry and make the oil production on the skin to be too much which is something that is not good to the skin. It is advisable that you balance it with face wash and use products that are specially formulated for acne. They contain salicylic acid which is so helpful in clearing the acne sores, also make sure to check the instruction very careful before applying them to your skin.

Clean your face Gently

When you scrub your skin it is not only the perfect way to clean but also very good to purify it. However, this is not the case when you are in the process of acne prone skin care as anything close to exfoliation is too much. It is important to use your fingertips to massage the skin very gently as this will avoid abrasive ingredients at the same time. When you clean your face in a gentle manner you will avoid the chance of the trauma to the acne breakout. You should also avoid scrubbing with any other material it may end up causing acne sore to rapture.

Do not dry your skin too much

There are so many products that are available in the market meant to take care of the super drying skin, which is a good idea but be advised that they will also cause additional oil which you know by now is not good for the skin. It is very important as a remedy to acne prone skin care to always check instructions of the products very careful so as not to end up with something that does more harm than good to you. A product that has alcohol should not be used as moisturizers and at the same time you are advised to use the moisturizer immediately after showering as this will optimize absorption. Another important tip is to get oil free products that hydrate well.

Concentrate on Salicylic Acid

As earlier mentioned salicylic is actually a very good thing when you are working on acne skin prone care and it is very natural at the same time this is because it has originated for a bark of a plant. It has been proven to one of the most effective ant acne ingredient in the world at the moment. How does it work? Salicylic acid work by getting rid of the acne this is achieved by ensuring that the skin cell does not clog the skin pore which will eventually lead to a blackout. Do not confuse it with benzoyl peroxide because the work of Salicylic acid does not kill the bacteria and at the same time, it does not suck moisture on an individual’s skin.


Tidiness here is the way we handle our makeup brushes. You will realize that the makeup tools most of the time is a hideout for dirt and bacteria. That is why we should always ensure that our makeup tools are not only clean but also kept very well. the tools like makeup brushes and puffs that are commonly used for loose powder should be washed every twice a week and if possible sponger weekly. The best way to wash the brushes is by making a cleaning solution through the use of a few drops of shampoo and warm water. The brushes should be swished in the solution and then rinsed thoroughly as for the puffs and sponges a drop of facial cleaner should do the trick. Rub with temperature water and air dry them.

acne prone skin

Use the right Makeup

This is not going to be so easy since there are several makeups out there to choose from, but when your skin is behaving in an awkward manner the most usual and quick fix is using the foundation. The ideal way to go about this should be the use of mineral-based cosmetics. If you check instructions carefully you will realize that the aforementioned cosmetics contains ingredient such as silica and zinc oxide which are very good as they soak up excess oil on the skin without clogging the pores and that is what foundations do, that is why they are also the best when you have problems with a pimple prone skin. The secret her is to avoid clogging the pores at any cost


When you have long hair that at some point cover your forehead or part of your head you should check on the shampoo and the conditioners that you have been using. The reason behind this is that these products might be having some aggravating ingredients that are mostly artificial preservatives which will always be harmful to your skin. The solution is to try and avoid shampoo and conditioner that have these preservatives by changing them with products that do not have fragrance.

Tampering with your face

The last thing that acne-prone skin need is a wandering hand, that is most of the time all over your face. In many occasion, we carry germs and bacteria with our hand when tackling some of the daily chores knowingly or unknowingly. That is why it is not appropriate to pick your pimples and squeezing them most of the time. When you have the habit of squeezing the skin it not only aggravates the breakout but also it causes a lot of irritation and has a very high chance of scarring.

Avoid Dairy product

I know this might come as surprise to many individuals but it is actually very true. though it is yet to be proven as to whether there is a connection between dairy products and acne it is advisable that you limit or stay away from them if your skin is acne prone. This is because many skin care experts that milk is related to testosterone hormones which are known to stimulate the oil glands which in the process helps the growth of acne. If it is nearly impossible for you to cut on the dairy product try switching them with the goat and meat as they are said to have less negative effects compared to the dairy products.

Use of toners

The use of toners and astringents is very crucial especially after you g=have done cleansing. The reason as to why it is advisable to tone your skin is because it will leave the skin feeling fresh. As for astringent their main goal is to ensure that the extra oil is removed from the skin as we know very well that the oil is not good for the skin. Some toners have been known to contains Salicylic acid which as indicated above plays a very big role in taking care of acne prone skin. It is important to realize that it is not necessary to use the toners or astringent especially when your skin is very sensitive. The product will end up doing so much harm than good when they are used in the case of a very sensitive and dry skin that is also very irritated from acne treatment.


The above-mentioned tips should be the best way to take care of a skin that is prone to acne without any doubt. One thing that one must realize before embarking on this whole process is that a good daily routine of taking care of the sin is very vital not only for everyone but more so for individuals who are prone to acne. That is why they should ensure that they follow some of this guideline to the later and use that they use products that will not harm them rather than helping. The whole process of taking acne of the skin on a daily basis should not take too much of your time and you should make sure that it is an enjoyable experience and that is how you will end up beating it.

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