Various reliable oily skin care routines that can help you

There are three types of skin which are normal, dry and oily skin. Oily skin is the kind of skin whereby the person’s face feels greasy, even after washing the face and it also tends to look shiny after some hours especially on the forehead, nose and also the chin. This is the hardest type of skin to maintain since no one wants to walk around with the face that looks all shiny. Another thing to note is that oily skin tends to get affected more by acne and other skin breakouts. So, make sure that you take care of your oily skin to keep it looking good and prevent the skin outbreaks.

These are various reliable oily skin care routines that can help you take care of your skin

Also, note that the following oily skin care routines should be done on a daily basis and they are also useful for people with the oily combination skins. They include;

  • Cleanse the skin.

Oily skin requires to be completely clear or anything that may cause clogging to the surface. Keep in mind that such skin has the largest oil glands that produce too much oily regularly and therefore to avoid too much oil accumulating on the skin, you need to clean off the excess oils that may be on the surface already. Besides too much clogging of the oil is what leads to acne outbreaks. Before you head to run your errands in the morning and the evening, make sure to cleanse your face to remove the excess oils clogging and allow it to breathe.

  • Exfoliate the skin.

Exfoliation is the process of using beauty products to remove the dead skin and cells that may be on the surface. This process is also beneficial when it comes to opening the pores of the skin. Regular exfoliation of the skin helps to remove the dead skin and cells on the face thus paving the way for the growth of suitable cells. It is advisable for one to exfoliate three times a week but for those with oily skin, exfoliating four times a week would be perfect for you. Note that this is a must daily skin care routine for the oily acne prone skin as it helps the skin stay clear of any dirt and oils which causes the acne to develop.

  • Tone the skin.

Although toner is mainly recommended for people with dry skin, research shows that this is also a reliable skin care routine for oily skin. But you should know that there are toners which are made for the dry skin and others for oily skin and therefore, one needs to be extra careful when buying the toner for oily skin. The toner is used in the oily skin care routine to help in removing the excess oils and dirt that may be on the skin. This in return prepares the face to absorb more and better skin care products as well. A toner should be used in every morning before you do your daily routine care procedures.

  • Special skin care treatment.

This method is included in the face routine for oily skin because it helps to treat specific parts which are affected. For example, if you have an acne breakout, you may use special treatments to get rid of the dark spots, or if you have a rash on the skin, you may be given some products to help get rid of it. Make sure to follow the required skin care routine regarding this treatment and also, use the right product meant for the oily skin.

  • Moisturizer.

Most people with oily skin do not follow this beauty routine due to the fear that they may add more oil to the surface but, keep in mind that moisturizing is essential for all skin types. Moisturizing the skin is necessary since it helps to seal in all the nutrients that are on the surface thus ensuring that the skin remains rejuvenated all the time. If you are not wearing any makeup or you don’t have plans of going out from the house, make sure to use moisturizer but ensure the moisturizer is suitable for oily skin to avoid adding too much oil to the surface. The other moisturizer to ensure that you have is the eye cream. The under eyes should also be moisturized to keep them rejuvenated and prevent the development of dark circles.

  • Apply sunscreen creams or lotions.

Taking care of your face is essential, and it is recommended that you apply sunscreen lotion/cream if you are going out or get exposed to the sunlight. Applying sunscreen lotion should also be included in your daily skin care routine as a part of keeping your skin secure. The last thing you need is to have your skin getting affected by the sun. So, before you leave the house, make sure to apply sunscreen lotion to protect your skin from getting sun damage.

  • Take care of the lips.

Even if your lips do not look oily unlike other parts of the face, it is crucial that you take care of them and hence they should be included in your face routine for oily skin. The reason for taking care of the lips is because unlike other areas of the skin, lips do not have sebaceous gland. Hence they do not produce any oils to keep them moisturized. If you do not apply lip bum, they tend to crack and look all dry. Make sure to keep moisturizing the lips all the time and avoid licking them since this is one of the reasons that they tend to dry up.

Oily skin

Tips for maintaining an oily skin.

  • Always clean your face before you sleep.

Apart from using the above-reviewed beauty products, there are other essential things that you need to focus on to ensure that your face is maintained and does not get affected by the excess oils. Always provide that to clean your face every day before you sleep. This helps to remove all the dirty residuals and the makeup which clogs the skin if not cleared.

  • Avoid applying anything to the face at night.

Not unless you are treating your face, it is crucial that you avoid applying anything on the face before you sleep to allow the skin breath.

  • Avoid using liquid makeups on the T-zone.

The t-zone is the area from the forehead down to the nose. People with this kind of feature are said to have oily combination skin (How to Treat Combination Skin?). This part of the face has a larger sebaceous gland as opposed to the rest of the face and therefore, it is among the first affected part by acne. One way to make sure that your oily combination skin is free from outbreaks is through being cautious of what you apply on the face. Hence as you do your face routines for oily skin, make sure to avoid applying liquid makeups that may add oily on this area. Instead, use moisturizers and powder in this area. It helps control the accumulation of more oils.

  • Avoid clogging products on the face.

Considering that your face is a bit clogged already by the oils that are produced all the time, it is advisable that you ensure that you don’t clog it even more with the kind of products you use on the skin. One way of providing that our skin is not excessively clogged is by minimizing the amount of makeup you use on the face. Avoid applying too much makeup on the skin and if you have to make sure to cleanse your face in the evening and exfoliate it. Always do this when doing your daily skin care routine for oily acne prone skin.

  • Cleanse your face twice a day.

It is crucial to cleanse your face two times a day to ensure that you get rid of the excess sebum as much as possible. This is even more recommended for people who wear make-up on a daily basis. Cleaning the face helps to get rid of all the beauty products hence leaving your face looking and feeling fresh. It helps open the pores for better breathing at night and helps prevent the skin outbreak. Use cleansers that have a moisturizing property when cleansing the face at night.

  • Mask your face.

Masking works just like exfoliating although it helps to keep the skin hydrated and looking rejuvenated. It best works at night considering you will not be applying any facial products on the surface for an entire night. So make an effort of masking your face probably three or four times a week. The best making product to use is a sheet mask but ensure that the sheet mask you buy matches with your skin tone.

Oily skin is the hardest to maintain, but with the right methods and products, one can quickly and comfortably achieve a flawless oily skin with no blemishes. Before using any of the beauty products discussed above, make sure to consult a dermatologist so they can advise you on the right products that will fit your oily face.

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