A Healthy skin eats Healthy foods

Everyone likes a smooth skin, however to earn that kind of skin texture requires deliberate focus and a proper nutrition for your skin.
Major skin disorders including the whole spectrum of acne and skin itching diseases can mostly be prevented by feeding the skin on nutrients that aid it to resist the triggers that cause skin disorders. Causes of skin disorders are both internal and external.
The internal are predominantly dictated by the body system emitting harmful toxins into the skin, and the skins consistent failure to exude them out of its layers while the external factors are dominated by sunrays, germs and contagious carriers. These two factors combine and lead to a process known as inflammation. Inflammation manifests in different ways causing different skin disorders.
The good news is that inflammation can be stopped or even prevented. Just like the muscles and bones in our body are rebuilt, guarded and maintained by different foods, so is the skin. There is a wide range of anti-inflammatory spices, herbs and foods at our disposal.
Anti – inflammatory spices.
When it comes to fighting inflammation, nothing can beat the combination of turmeric, cinnamon and ginger. Turmeric helps to exude toxins and opens the skin pores so that the skin is able to breathe well while cinnamon is an enemy of all the bacteria and germs that are in the skin. Our friend ginger enhances healthy sweating. The three can be grated or pounded together and applied directly on the skin.
Skin building foods.
Fish contains Omega 3 and 6 oils that quicken the process of rebuilding the cells in the skin while preventing further cellular damage. Avocado oils are also a great source of protein that feeds the skin giving it a smooth feel and glowing look. Avocado oils also give your skin stability in the oils it emits out preventing acne related skin disorders.
The fact is, anyone can achieve freedom from an impurity infested skin with the everyday remedies that can all be found in our homes. These foods and spices will rebuild, repair and protect your skin.

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