Essential Vitamins for Healthy Skin

You could moisturize, use natural soaps, and exfoliate until the end of days; if you are not getting enough of the right vitamins and minerals, your skin could still be suffering. So which vitamins does your skin need to reach the apex of health?
Vitamin B Complex

Biotin is a nutrient that makes up a significant portion of your skin. It is also found in you nails and hair. Vitamin B complex happens to contain this nutrient. Make sure to eat plenty of foods that contain this vitamin. Examples include rice, eggs, bananas, and oatmeal. It can also be found in some topical ointments and creams.
Vitamin A

A lack of vitamin A presents itself as flaky, dry skin. This vitamin is essential for the repair and maintenance of skin tissue. Eating carrots, leafy dark green vegetables, and sweet potatoes can help increase the level of vitamin A in your body. Lotions containing vitamin A are also available, and can help with wrinkles, lines, and even acne.
Vitamin E

If you have scars or dry, rough skin, an application of vitamin E directly on the skin can help reduce their appearance. For even softer, more moisturized skin, make sure to consume plenty of spinach, nuts, and olives, all of which contain a significant amount of this essential vitamin.

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