6 Chest Acne Remedies

Acne is a skin disease that is connected to the small pores on the skin that are attached to the oil glands. The glands cause the production of oils to occur in excess whereby in return the oils carried dead cells and bacteria to the surface of skin hence causing skin outbreak. Acne affects both men and women including teenagers, and it occurs in areas of the body such as the face, at the back and also on the chest.

What causes the chest acne?
There are so many causes of acne in the body, but the primary cause is known to be the androgen. Androgen is a form of the hormones found in the body, and once puberty hits the hormones tend to increase hence triggering the breakout of acne. How does androgen trigger acne growth? When the level of androgen rises in the body, the hormones make the skin to stretch whereby the oil glands expand as well increasing the number of oil production. The oils are then carried together with the bacteria to the skin through the glands attached to the main oil glands which cause bacteria formation on the skin due to the dead cells present resulting to acne.

Other causes

Note that during the menstrual cycle in women, the hormone estrogen increases hence increasing the production of oils in the skin. Keep in mind that the excess oils formed in the skin are the ones that result in the development of acne.

Greasy cosmetics
If your skin is oily, then you should consider using body creams that are powdered to avoid increasing oils in your skin. In the case where you use greasy creams or oils, the skin oils tend to mix with the applied oils hence forming bacteria in the skin which results to acne.

Stress can also trigger the development of acne. Note that when some people are stressed, they result to eating fatty foods or unhealthy meals which causes them to increase the level of oil production in the skin. Stress may also affect the hormones in the bodies of some people, if there is any hormonal change, then acne tends to develop.

Medicine with androgen
Taking medications that are high in androgen may also cause you to develop acne. This is because the drugs increase the level of hormone androgen in the body.

Types of chest acne
The acne occurs in different sizes and has different appearances as well. They include;

If you find that your chest has tiny white pimples appearing on the skin, then know you have the white heads type of acne.

This is the type of acne that forms black spots that are visible on your chest.

Papules are a form of acne that appears like reddish pimples on the skin. Acne of this kind affects people during the summer seasons.

Chest acne treatments
So if you are suffering from any of the above-listed types of acne, the following are the best solutions to use in treating your skin. Note that acne treatment especially the blackhead kind of acne takes time before the spots completely disappear but the whole treatment process is worth it.

1. Use of acne beauty products


There are beauty products that are designed to help in treating acne especially for those with mild type of acne. The products include the use of soaps, creams and also lotions. When it comes to beauty products for acne treatment, do thorough research on the best-medicated products to use and also ensure that you buy from a well-established dealer to make sure that the product is the correct one to avoid exceeding the breakout. Most of these beauty products are made using herbal and organic ingredients that are effective in acne elimination. Also check instructions carefully and follow them as required.


2. Medication

If your acne breakout is severe and not treatable with beauty products, then you should seek medical attention so you can get the correct advice about the remedies to use. Some dermatologists usually prescribe some medications that help to lower the level of androgen in the body which is responsible for the production of the increased oil in the body.





3. Use benzoyl peroxide
The cream is designed with medicated ingredients that help in fighting the bacteria that causes acne around the chest skin. The cream also helps to dry up the affected skin whereby it later peels off to pave the way for the growth of new skin.


4. Exfoliate

 Exfoliation is an excellent remedy to help you treat and prevent acne development. The process involves one scrubbing off the dead skin which tends to retain the bacteria responsible for causing acne hence leaving your skin free and definite to breathe well. Exfoliation also assists in treating the affected skin by peeling it off. There are so many products that you can invest in for exfoliation process, and they include; mandelic acid masks that you can apply to the skin 30 minutes before you shower, you can also use the mud mask and so on. Exfoliate about four times a week, and you will see the significant improvement on your skin.



5. Aspirin paste

Aspirin is another excellent product that you can use to treat your acne. The process of preparing this treatment is quite easy as all you require is two tablets of aspirin one tablespoon of water and one tablespoon of honey. Crush the tables to form a powder then add the water and honey. Mix the three ingredients until you form a sticky paste. Apply it to your chest in a circular way and leave it for about 10 to 20 minutes to dry. Then rinse the product with cold water and apply some organic cream on the chest. Repeat this procedure thrice a week, and within a month you will see excellent improvement.



6. Stay hydrated

Water is very crucial in our bodies as not only does it help to keep our bodies hydrated but it also contributes to flush off all the toxin in the body hence keeping our bodies free from bacteria.

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