6 Chin Acne Remedies to Follow on a Daily Basis

Having acne on the chin can definitely be a very frustrating matter to deal with on a daily basis. If you are a female and go to the dermatologist, he or she will tell you that your acne matter is more than likely hormonal-imbalance related and will suggest you to visit either a gynecologist or general doctor in order to obtain a birth control prescription to alleviate this issue. As for you men, it could also be hormonal related, and thus, you could be prescribed with a variety of different strong oral prescriptions to alleviate the problem, too. Unfortunately, oral prescriptions come accompanied by numerous side effects that could arise in your internal system if you take them long term . . . not to mention the number of blood tests that one must undergo every few weeks or months for them to keep being prescribed, which is why chin acne remedies are the preferred method to solving this problem once and for all.

It Could Be More Than Hormonal Related
It is important to mention that for either women or men, chin acne could also be attributed to dairy and sugar. It is recommended that you stop eating any edible that is derived from milk, as well as foods that contain a lot of sugar. Although more studies are needed to be conducted to call spicy edibles a culprit to this type of acne, it has been noted thatthey could also be playing a major role. Go ahead and avoidthese ediblesfor an entire month and see how your skin reacts to this new change.

Top Chin Acne Remedies to Follow on a Daily Basis

1. Three Cups of Green Tea a Day Keeps Chin Acne Away

This is one of the top chin acne remedies, as it could reduce oil by 50%. If there is less oil on your face, the less prone you will be to acne. Make sure that the tea that you purchase is 100% organic, made in certified facilities. Since this type of tea comes in little bags, simply boil water, place water in a cup, and then integrate one of the bags in it for three minutes. If you prefer, you can also utilize cold water, but make sure that once you place the bag, you place ice over it in order to push it down to let the absorbance take place.


2. Utilize Sea Salt as an Exfoliate

 Sea salt has been known to contain properties that can actually destroy bacteria before any flare-up forms on the chin. Contrary to popular belief, you should notexfoliate your skin every day, no matter how small the beads are. The most you should exfoliate your skin is three times a week. Make sure the salt that you purchase is 100% sea salt. Once you apply it on your skin and scrub it gently, let it sit for three minutes. By doing this, you are actually allowing for present acne to vanish more quickly.


3. Utilize Dandruff Shampoo as Cleanser

Yes, you read the right correctly . . . you can utilize dandruff shampoo as a cleanser to get rid of chin acne. This is one of the top chin acne remedies that are making the news at the moment; it has even been featured in the show The Doctors, being promoted by the dermatologist in the panel. The active ingredient that is found in this type of shampoo has been noted to be powerful enough to kill acne-causing bacteria, leaving your pores very clean, permitting for acne on the chin to become an issue of the past for a lot of people. Leave the shampoo on your skin for three to five minutes and then proceed to washing it off with warm water. You can do this every day!


4. Intake Green Detox Drink

Open your refrigerator and take out anything green you see, such as lettuce, cilantro, jalapeno, cucumbers, green apples, and even pickles. Place everything in the blender and then pour the liquid in a cup. Go ahead and drink as much of it as you can, because by doing so, you are actually going to help your system detoxify, making it clean and thus make chin acne stay away. For best results, undertake this detox at least once a week.


5. Nature’s Cure Organic Supplement
This particular supplement is 100% natural. There is an option for both men and females. It was designed for individuals who want to control their hormonal imbalance, without having to take chemically-induced oral prescriptions. Due to them being organic, they arefree from side effects. If you have an issue with swallowing pills, no problem, as the packaging of this supplement states that one should chew to make it dissolve in one’s mouth. Ever since it appeared on the market, Nature’s Cure supplement has been able to garner numerous positive reviews from acne sufferers around the globe.

6. Utilize Paper Towels

This is one of the least mentioned chin acne remedies. Instead of using blotting paper to remove oil from your face, as it is often suggested in magazines, you should opt for paper towels. You see, the regular blotting papers can actually make you get more acne. As soon as you feel that your skin is getting oily, take out a paper towel and pat your face. It is important that once you feel the oil, you remove it in order not to give any room for acne to appear in the following days.





Noteworthy Mention
If you suffer from extremely oily skin, it is crucial that you wash your face three times a day. You can opt to wash your face with dandruff shampoo in the morning and night, and in the middle of the day, it ishighly recommendedto opt for a simple soap, without any active ingredients, designed for the face.

Put These Chin Acne Remedies to the Test
All the previously mentioned chin acne remedies have been proven to help keep chin acne away for good. Do not just take anyone’s word for it; go ahead and put them to the test so that you can see for yourself how they work and thus begin to have clear skin like so many people already have thanks to undertaking them as stated above.

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