Natural, Effective Care for Combination Skin

Combination Skin? Never heard of it

To start things off, I’d like to concisely answer the question “What is combination skin?” For those who are unaware of what combination skin is, basically people who have a combination skin type can have oily skin in the T-zone part of their face (the forehead, nose and chin areas which together form a T shape,) and yet other areas of their face such as their cheeks may be normal or even dry.

While explaining combination skin is simple, finding effective and safe combination skin care can be quite the task, what makes skin care for combination skin challenging is the fact that those with it have to appease two skin types at once and whether your researching to find products without harmful chemicals, or simply trying to discover what the best moisturizer for combination skin might be, it can amount to an understandably frustrating endeavor. Hopefully, after reading this you’ll have a few new ideas to add to your skin routine for combination skin and have an easier time managing a combination skin type.


Do I Have Combination Skin and How do I Take Care of it?

It may seem odd that a person could have oily skin on one area of their face and dry on another, but it is actually quite common, most people have a T-zone that is oilier than the rest of their face. This is due to a greater quantity of oil producing glands called sebaceous glands in certain regions of the face, like the nose. And so it seems that almost everyone has facial regions with skin care needs that vary, but the real struggle with combination skin happens when using products or methods to clear the oils from T-zone dry up the other parts of your face or cause the T-zone to overwork to replace the natural oil supply; on the other hand, using moisturizers that are meant to aid the dry areas of the face in retaining moisture, could possibly lead to clogging the pores in your T-zone leading to discomfort and possibly cause acne breakouts.

When the T-zone of your face is happy, not too oily and not too shiny, but your cheeks are dry and flaky, or if your cheeks and under the eyes feels perfect yet your T-zone is suffering breakouts. It may seem like its impossible to find the right balance when both parts of your face can’t seem to agree on anything. Below you’ll find a bounty of ideas for skincare for combination skin, a few of them may surprise you; with any luck, you’ll find some solutions that are perfect for you.

For starters, one approach to caring for your combination skin is to identify the needs of both the oily and dry parts of your skin and treat them differently. For example you could restrict the use of masks to only the oily parts of your face, or when using moisturizers, use products that are catered to the dry or oily areas of your face exclusively on those areas.

One problem in dealing with combination skin is that many of the things we use or encounter in our daily routines can have a negative impact on our skin. Fortunately for some folks, a simple change of cleaning or skin care product is all that’s needed to improve their skin health. But for those whose combination skin type is a bit more tenacious, read on, perhaps one of the options or tips here will be the solution to your problem.

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Be Wary of Whats Bad for Your Skin

As one would suspect, there are things your skin doesn’t agree with and a combination skin type is no exception. When it comes to skincare for combination skin, some of the things you are supposed to avoid can be very obscure while others are so commonplace (like the use of a typical bar of soap) that proper combination skin care can be a difficult task. So to help out with this tricky issue, here are a few things that may be the cause of your skins irritation.

. Alcohol in skin care products
There are a great many products with alcohol in them and these products should be avoided if possible. Not only can they dry out your skin, but it will likely cause the oily regions of your face to overreact to replace the oils that were lost.

. Moisturizers with petroleum
Otherwise known as petrolatum, petroleum isn’t necessarily bad for your skin, but when combined with certain other ingredients it can be irritating to your skin. Best play it safe and try to find petroleum-free moisturizers.

. Harsh sunlight and insufficient sunscreens
This may seem like being trapped between a rock and a hard place, but I wouldn’t think of this one as a set in stone ordeal. Just do your best plan activities to avoid unnecessary exposure to the midday sun or excessive use of chemical sunscreens. Some moisturizers are free from many of the harmful chemicals found in sunscreens and also serve as an adequate sunblock.


The Way You Clean Your Skin Matters

Whether your combination skin is caused by products, environment or genetics, there is a more general way to help your skin and it involves choosing the way you clean your skin with care. here’s a brief summary of improvements you can make to your skin routine for combination skin in this area.

. Ditch average soaps and acne washes
the aforementioned typical bar of soap and many acne care products can dry your skin, gentle natural cleaning products with hydroxy acids are a better option if you can get them.

. Be considerate with your facial masks
Since facial masks can dry the skin, it may be best to only use a mask for the T-zone or the oily regions of your face.

. Remove your makeup before you fall asleep
Leaving your makeup on can leave your skin quite dry, so be sure to remove it before going to sleep for the night.


Finding the Best Moisturizer for Combination Skin

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of combination skin care is dealing with two regions of the face that want something different. Fortunately, finding an effective moisturizer is not so complex and I have a couple of tips to assist those looking for the best moisturizer for combination skin.

. Use an oil-free moisturizer
When searching for the best moisturizer for combination skin, its important to keep in mind that the oily regions of your face won’t appreciate the extra oil in certain moisturizers and could become clogged as a result of using them. Look for an oil-free moisturizer and perhaps an oil-free sunscreen as well.

. Avoid added colors and scents if possible
Most ingredients in moisturizers are put into the product to benefit the skin. Artificial colors and scents however, are not and if its not in there to help your skin, then chances are it doesn’t need to be in there in the first place.



Natural Care for Your Skin

If your not a big fan of skin care products, don’t worry. There are a few methods of improving the health of combination skin that anyone can use in their combination skin care and they are completely natural.

. Improve your diet and stay hydrated
Two ways to improve the health of your skin is to make sure that you are drinking plenty of water to hydrate your body and getting enough fatty acids from foods like salmon or if you’re not keen on eating fish, you can get the fatty acids you need from fish-oil supplements instead.

. Apply honey to your face
Yes, it sounds silly, but raw honey is a natural humectant, has antibacterial properties and is rich in the vitamins and minerals that your skin is fond of. When your skin is feeling particularly oily(oily skin care routines), apply a thin layer of raw honey to your face, let it dry for a few minutes, then rinse it off with water.

Honey has been the subject of worship in the past because of the many things that this miracle food can do. Perhaps it can also find a place in your combination skin care kit.


To sum it all up, plan your activities to avoid the midday sun (when its rays are the fiercest,) choose your skin care products carefully and look for natural foods to eat (and in some interesting cases, put on your face.) It may take time and some experimentation, but eventually you’ll find the treatment that works the best for your skins needs. Take a look at this article to learn more about how to treat combination skin. Also, try speaking with a dermatologist, their expert advice can be a great help in finding a good starting point in your search for better combination skin care. And these pointers should help your skin routine for combination skin to be more effective. I hope this has helped to fill the arsenal of your skin care routine with easy-to-use ideas.

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