Healthy Skin Tips

Proper skin care includes protection from the sun and cleansing it gentle. With that, you skin can be healthy for a longer period. Make sure to wash your face properly before going to bed. Always use warm water to splash it on the face. Honey also helps in maintaining the smoothness of the skin. You can do this by gentle applying honey on your face to a period of 10-15 minutes. Thereafter, rinse with some warm water to open the pores.


When you do not have sufficient time for proper skin care, you can pamper yourself using the basic. Healthy lifestyle and proper skin care, can help in delaying aging process and keep off some skin problems.



There are various tips that can help you to take care of your skin.


  1. Keep off smoking

Generally, smoking will make your skin appear older and with wrinkles. Smoking automatically narrows blood vessels of outermost layer of the skin. This results to decrease of blood flowing. The skin does not have sufficient oxygen and proper nutrients important to the skin health.


Smoking also destroys elasticity and collagen. These two fibers normally help your skin with elasticity and strength. In addition, facial repetitive expression that you normally make during smoking contributes a lot to wrinkles. The best ideal way of smoking to protect the skin is quitting smoking. Consult your doctor on tips to stop smoking.


  1. Feed healthy

A very healthy meal can make you feel at your best. Feed on plenty of vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, and whole grains. Meal that has vitamin C fewer fats, refined or processed carbohydrates makes skin look younger.


  1. Manage stress

Stresses are very sensitive to your skin and can lead to skin complications. One way of encouraging healthy skin, take necessary steps in managing your stress. Make sure in your to do list, you include to do things that make you happy.


  1. Sun protection

The basic way to care of your skin is through protecting it from sun. A long period of exposure to the sun leads to wrinkles and other skin problems. This can as well lead to skin cancer. Always avoid the strong sun rays and seek shade. Make sure to wear clothes that can protect you from the sun.


A healthy skin will only depend on how you take care of your skin.

Fun in the Sun: Skincare in the Summer

Sunlight is essential for an overall healthy body. It helps us to regular our sleep patterns and provides vitamin D so that our bones can stay strong. Unfortunately, sunlight is not harmless. Exposure to UVB rays from the sun can cause painful sunburns. This can cause thickened, leathery skin, or could even cause the skin to become too thin. Excessive exposure to the sun can also increase your risk of skin cancer. What is the best way to maintain skin health without completely removing the sun from our lives?
Limit Exposure
Try to stay out of the sun during the hottest parts of the day, and make sure to stay in the shade for as much time as possible. Protective clothing, sunglasses, and sunscreen are essential.
Stay Moisturized
Use a moisturizer or other lotion that has a sun protection factor, or SPF, all year around. While we do not typically associate cooler months with sunburn, it can happen. While applying sunscreen year round may not be necessary, protecting your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays will help you maintain younger looking skin as you age.

Essential Vitamins for Healthy Skin

You could moisturize, use natural soaps, and exfoliate until the end of days; if you are not getting enough of the right vitamins and minerals, your skin could still be suffering. So which vitamins does your skin need to reach the apex of health?
Vitamin B Complex

Biotin is a nutrient that makes up a significant portion of your skin. It is also found in you nails and hair. Vitamin B complex happens to contain this nutrient. Make sure to eat plenty of foods that contain this vitamin. Examples include rice, eggs, bananas, and oatmeal. It can also be found in some topical ointments and creams.
Vitamin A

A lack of vitamin A presents itself as flaky, dry skin. This vitamin is essential for the repair and maintenance of skin tissue. Eating carrots, leafy dark green vegetables, and sweet potatoes can help increase the level of vitamin A in your body. Lotions containing vitamin A are also available, and can help with wrinkles, lines, and even acne.
Vitamin E

If you have scars or dry, rough skin, an application of vitamin E directly on the skin can help reduce their appearance. For even softer, more moisturized skin, make sure to consume plenty of spinach, nuts, and olives, all of which contain a significant amount of this essential vitamin.

4 DIY Natural Skin Care Remedies

Are you on a tight budget, and still consider skin care as one of your top priorities. Well, perhaps you might be interested in knowing more about some of the skin care home remedies. Maintaining your skin is a lot easier than you can imagine; you can achieve a radiant and glowing skin using items sitting right in your kitchen. Also, a typical DIY remedy can be a much cost-effective option compared to the high-end skin care products in the market.
Below, we look at some of the common skin care remedies that can easily be found in your home.
Honey mask
Raw honey has antibacterial properties and is effective for the acne-prone skins. For quick and natural facial, slather your skin with the honey and wait for 10-30 minutes. Wash and rinse your face with warm water. Splash your face with cool water to close the skin pores. Honey performs superbly as a gentle face wash and hence can be used on a daily basis.
Oat scrub
If your skin has been left sensitive due to the use of the harsh ant-aging retinoids, you can now swap your usual cleanser to the gentle oatmeal. The oatmeal is an excellent option if you suffer from sensitive skin, and want to exfoliate. You can blend the oat and stir in buttermilk. Slather the concoction into your skin to get rid of the dead skin and achieve a glowing skin.
Green tea
Do you suffer from red and peely skin such as from that from eczema or psoriasis? Then there must be an underlying inflammation. Green tea has antioxidant properties and supports your natural system in mitigating the effects of free drastic destruction to the cells.
You can make your mist by boiling approximately two bags of green tea in boiling water for 15 minutes. Pour the mist in a spray bottle to apply.
Warm water
Do you always get irritated and bumpy when shaving your legs? Well, why not do the shaving after a warm shower? Warm water will have opened up the skin pores, making the hair skin softer.
Skin is a vital part of your body and plays a vital role in keeping the entire body healthy. Natural home remedies can improve its appearance, composition, and integrity. Look no further from your house to get started.

How To Keep Your Skin Healthy

The skin is the biggest organ in the human body and it does a lot to protect us. Therefore it makes sense that we should do as much as we can to keep it healthy. There are simple steps that we can take to keep the skin looking its best without having to rely on expensive creams and lotions. Some of these steps are described in more detail below.

Taking care in the sun

One of the main causes of premature aging is the ultraviolet rays that can be found in sunlight. Too much exposure to these rays can also cause skin cancer. You can protect yourself from the suns rays by applying sunscreen of SPF 15 or more and keeping your face covered with sunglasses and a hat.

Not smoking

The chemicals that are released into your body when you smoke a cigarette can cause collagen to break down. It is collagen that helps the skin to retain its elasticity. Smoking can also reduce the amount of blood that flows to the skin and this can make it prevent it from getting the vital nutrients that can keep it healthy.

Staying hydrated

All of the organs in your body work best when they are properly hydrated and the skin is no exception. Your body loses approximately 2 liters of water per day and this should be replaced by the fluids that you drink. Water is the best choice as this will provide the most hydration. Alcohol in large quantities should be avoided as this can cause the skin to become dried out.


Drinking a lot of water

Water helps to keep the skin hydrated and moist. People, who drink a lot of water daily, have their skins healthy and glowing.

Maintaining cleanliness

Hygiene is crucial in maintaining the skin healthy and free of potential pathogens. The sebum and sweat which may have blocked skin pores is eliminated. Thus, acne is prevented as a result.
The detergents used also must not be allergic to the skin.

Avoiding a lot of skin exfoliation and scrubbing

The feet and hands have a lot of dead cells and it’s recommended that scrubbing and exfoliation takes place on a regular basis. Too much skin exfoliation should be avoided as it reduces the skin layer causing a lot of discomfort.

Eating a balanced diet

A balanced diet is crucial in a person’s development and body immunity. Vitamin C promotes the body’s defense to pathogens and resistance to infections. Foods rich in fats increase chances for one developing acne and should be avoided

Managing stress

Stress affects cell division and thus may make the skin develop wrinkles and acne. One should live stress-free to ensure a healthy skin.

Protecting the skin against radiations

The x-rays destroy melanin in the skin and make it prone to skin cancer. Also, the exposure to the gamma and other radiations should be minimized.

5 Health Skin Care Tips

For every beauty conscious individual, particularly women, a glowing, radiant, and gorgeous skin is a top-most priority. The beauty craze knows no end, and women are ready to do anything to achieve a flawless and alluring complexion. From regular visits to beauty parlors to spending thousands of bucks reproductive,beauty enthusiasts seem to try all means of achieving a flawless skin.

However,the unflawed, blemish and acne-free skin that you’ve always sought after is no longer a dream but a reality. We’ve rounded a splendid collection of health skin care tips will ensure that your skin glows and dazzles, justway you wanted. Read our tips below.

Skin and The sun

Protecting your skin from the sun is golden skin care tip. Lifelong exposure to the UV rays can result in a myriad of health-skin related issues such as wrinkles, premature aging, age spots and some forms of cancer. Wearing sunscreen is an easy way of prolonging a healthy and glowing skin that looks young.

Sunscreen tip: For optimal sun protection, always wear the sunscreen even if it’s cloudy.

Remove your makeup before going to bed
Always ensure that you remove your makeup before hitting The sheets. Removingthe makeup will allow your skin to breathe overnight. Devoid of that,your makeup will clogthe skin pores, which may result into blemishes and blackheads.
Skin tip: skin exfoliation is an essential procedure; always ensure that you remove the dead skin at least once a week to allow free air circulation in the skin.

You’re what you eat
Always keep note of what you’re having on your plate; ensure that you’ve sufficient of fresh fruits, veggies, and greens. A diet that is rich in Vitamin C and low in sugars, aids inthe development of radiant skin. Also, make sure that you chip in nuts, especially those rich in selenium,to increase skin elasticity.

Food tip: Keep away from spicy and fermented foods.

Sweat out
Engaging in regular physical activities will provide your body with the necessary blood circulation, and help in body cleansing.

Use Lots of water
Use of water is a vital health skin care tip. From keeping your body hydrated to washing your face with water (no more than thrice a day) in combination with mild soap to curb acne, water will naturally hydrate your skin, prevent and reduce eye puffiness.

You might be dressed to the kill, but can complete your look with a smile. Your skin is a bellwether to your overall look. Follow the above health skin care tips for an invigorating, fresh and vibrant look.